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The final chapter in Fox’s X-Men franchise will soon be upon us. Before it is fully closed, fans will see the Phoenix rise one last time according to a slick new poster for Dark Phoenix.

In this epic finale, Sophie Turner will bring Jean Grey’s journey to becoming Phoenix and ultimately Dark Phoenix, and the new comic book style poster bears the tagline “The Phoenix Will Rise.” Alongside Turner, we can see Jessica Chastain’s mysterious character in the poster, as well as Magneto, Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Beast, Mystique, and Charles Xavier.

The new poster also teases some exclusive content, special events, and fun surprises will be dropping on X-Men Day, which takes place on Monday 13th. As to what that will be we are not sure, yet hopefully, fans will either see some new footage or learn about another screening opportunity. You can see it in full below.

(Photo: X-Men Movies)

With Dark Phoenix will not be the true last Fox’s X-Men film (that will go to The New Mutants in 2020), it’s the final chapter for this current cast of X-Men, as the cast that came into the fold starting in First Class. Now the X-Men franchise is back under the Marvel Studios umbrella thanks to the Disney & Fox deal. The next time we’ll likely see some huge characters, so fans should definitely enjoy the last time of this crew out for a while.

Meanwhile, tickets for Dark Phoenix are now on sale. And 20th Century Fox has also released a featurette looking back on the legacy of the X-Men films franchise.

This featurette has the cast of X-Men franchise discussing how life-changing it has been, how it changed superhero films, and how the franchise is different than anything that has come before or since. The movies featured included X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, First Class, The Wolverine, Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, Logan, and Dark Phoenix. Check out the video above.

The X-Men films began in 2000 and set the modern superhero movies renaissance in motion. After nearly 20 years, Dark Phoenix is expectedly the final installment of the series as Disney regained the rights to the franchise through the merger of 20th Century Fox.

This Dark Phoenix will be the X-Men films’ second attempt at adapting “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” the most popular X-Men story of all time. X-Men: The Last Stand previously tried to follow that story, but unfortunately, fans were disappointed in the outcome.

We will wait to see how the Phoenix rises when it comes to theaters on June 7.

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New “Dark Phoenix” Trailer Features the X-Men’s own “Avengers: Endgame” as An Epic Finale




A brand new IMAX exclusive trailer for Dark Phoenix goes back to the beginning of the franchise, showing off the full X-Men saga from the first X-Men movie in 2000. As we can see in the video above, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Ian McKellen, along with all the other mutants who have graced the big screen in the last 20 years, stuffed into preamble for this latest installment.

Aside from The New Mutants – which has been pushed back a couple of times with a current release date of April 2020 – now Dark Phoenix is rumored to be the last film in the X-Men saga.

That concept is similar to one of the TV spots for Avengers: Endgame, which featured the ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe culminating in one last showdown. However, the key difference is that instead of avenging those lost and defeating the Mad Titan (Thanos), the X-Men go against one of their own: Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey (who they also went against in The Last Stand, but this is a different kind of Jean Grey).

Can Jean Grey be the new Thanos?

So, does a look back into the past of this franchise have as much emotional weight for Dark Phoenix as it did for Endgame? Word is still out on just how the last X-Men film delivers its final emotional punches, but Endgame did raise the bar.

Dark Phoenix is expected to bring the past 20 years of X-Men films to a close.

Today has been dubbed “X-Men Day” in celebration. A new featurette looking back on the film franchise’s legacy was also released.

On the nostalgia side, 20th Century Fox delivered a more hefty lookback – less Dark Phoenix trailer but more sentimentality – where the cast members of X-Men films talk about the impact of the franchise and how it changed comic book movies.

Along with the IMAX trailer, Marvel Studios also released a new throwback poster in the style of Steven Spielberg’s go-to artist, Drew Struzan.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.


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FOX Canceled “The Gifted,” No Season 3 Coming




For the past two years, The Gifted has brought fans a new take on the X-Men universe, but now it looks like the show’s journey is coming to an end.

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has opted not to renew The Gifted for a third season. This live-action drama is among the first cancellations for the newly-independent Fox Entertainment network, alongside freshman comedy series Rel. As THR updates, both shows are made by 20th Century Fox Television, which now exists under the Disney umbrella after the historic purchase of Fox’s assets that the House of Mouse made.

The Gifted series, which debuted in 2017, follows the Strucker family, and their life is turned upside down as they learn that their children have mutant abilities. The Struckers soon become part of an underground network of mutants, as they’re thrown into a war they were not expecting.

“We really tried to hammer out that they are not much different than you and me. And hopefully, their experiences are relatable to the audience, that they will go through things that are relatable to the audience,” The Gifted producer, Derek Hoffman, previously told in an interview. “And by doing that it is all about the metaphor for the characters and making sure the audience is invested in that relationship between them. I love the Strucker family. But I feel really bad for what we put them through. I enjoy it very much. But we try to put them through the wringer, and see what they are made of then pull them apart together and put the characters through the wringer.”

While it seems that The Gifted is on hold for now, Deadline reports “there is a chance” that the series could still find a new home within the Disney family, either through Freeform or Hulu.

For the fans of the X-Men series, this will surely be some upsetting news, especially considering the “Days of Future Past” tease that the show ended Season 2 on.

“There’s 100% a cliffhanger, but it is not what people think,” the series star Emma Dumont teased earlier this year. “Maybe a new dimension? A new world? Or a new fashion? Maybe a new comic book character? Literally, it is the craziest twist. We were all shocked. It was like, ‘What is this?’”

“It is a big season finale,” added the showrunner Matt Nix. “this is the first episode where [the production] was like, ‘We have to do a meeting where everyone can come and sit there for a full hour approving effects, all meeting long,’ because there just was so much. Production basically was like, ‘This is impossible. I do not know what you were thinking; you should not have written this. So I was like, ‘Everyone breathes. We’ll figure out a way.”

So, how do you feel about the iconic Marvel drama The Gifted getting the axe at Fox? Share with us in the comments!

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“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Final Trailer Released




Yesterday, Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner teased a surprise to X-Men fans. Now the surprise has arrived. The 20th Century Fox has released a brand new trailer for Dark Phoenix, the final movie in the X-Men franchise. Enjoy the trailer above.

In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, “The X-Men will face their most powerful and formidable foe when one of the team, Jean Grey, starts to spiral out of control. During a rescue mission in outer space, Jean Grey is nearly killed when she was hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, the force not only makes her infinitely more powerful but far more unstable. Now the X-Men must band together to save her soul and battle aliens that want to use Jean Grey’s new abilities to rule the galaxy.”

Simon Kinberg co-writes and directs Dark Phoenix. The film stars James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, Even Peters, and Jessica Chastain.

Previously in an interview, Sophie Turner acknowledged the pressure to get this version of ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’ right.

“Yes, a lot of pressure,” said Turner. “I know Simon was taking me out to lunch and he sits me down and tells me it is Dark Phoenix. And I was like ‘f***k.’ I know it is one of the most loved stories in the X-Men universe and for Simon to trust me enough with the responsibility is my big honor. So I want to do the fans of the original story justice. Of course, there is a lot of pressure especially having been done before. And Simon would tell you that it was a B-plot of the movie. He felt that it had to be the main plot of it.”

Also in an interview, Simon Kinberg brushed off concerns over X-Men: Dark Phoenix being rescheduled following reshoots.

“Movies get pushed all the time, “ says the director. “I remember J.J. [Abrams] pushed Star Trek a year; then he pushed Star Wars a year. Those movies turned out great. And our movies turned out great as well. We all really wanted to wait until the visual effects done… The biggest challenge of the movie in terms of time is visual effects. There is a lot of visual effects in the movie. They are really intricate, more intricate than we have ever had in these films, partly because it goes into outer space and that is hard to render. The movie actually will be done in just a couple of months. And you look at the calendar and start to see competitively where the best place for this film to be released would be the best time. The studio also felt like it warranted a big summer blockbuster because it became, despite the intimacy, a very big-scale movie. So, we started looking at summer. And that’s the perfect date for it in the summer.”

Are you excited to see Dark Phoenix? The film arrives in theaters on June 7.

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“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Star Alexandra Shipp Doesn’t Want Storm and Black Panther Romance




The X-Men films are facing an end of an era, as this long-running franchise will likely be rebooted after Dark Phoenix premieres later this summer. Shortly after that, the mutants will be reshuffled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making a lot of new team-ups and relationships possible for the future.

Recently, while some fans might be waiting to see the Black Panther franchise as a way to introduce Storm, Dark Phoenix star Alexandra Shipp explained that she didn’t think Ororo Munro needs a romance with T’Challa.

“No, I do not think Storm needs T’Challa. I think she needs her own movie! It does not have to be me, it just needs to be made,” Alexandra Shipp said to LRM Online during an appearance at WonderCon. “A woman doesn’t need a man in order to give her validity, and she has also been around longer than him.”

When Alexandra Shipp was asked if she would like to reprise her role as Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the star was surprisingly candid about the entire experience.

“I would and I would not [like that]. Storm barely has nothing to say as it is,” Shipp explained. “I do not know about you all [other factors] but like we never talk. So it’d be really nice if we were not piled into yet another jam-packed cast, in which you can only see me in the back of the shot like a f**ing sasquatch.”

As Marvel’s president Kevin Feige has a lot on his plate, it might be a while before the studio attempts to tackle a character like Storm again. Feige previously spoke with MTV News about that opportunity to use those characters.

“The truth is, I am excited for all of them. I’m excited, and it is not just the marquee names you know. There are hundreds of names on these documents and agreements,” Feige said. “And the fact that Marvel is now as close as we may ever get to have access to all characters is something I have been dreaming about for my almost 20 years at Marvel. And it is very exciting.”

The premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters is set on June 7.

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“X-Men” Star James McAvoy Revealed His Interest in Playing The Riddler from DC Universe




James McAvoy has become one of Hollywood’s top talents. The actor has shared his work with Marvel for some time. McAvoy stepped in to play a young Charles Xavier within the X-Men film universe, but Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox will likely complicate the gig. So, it seems that the star is ready to throw his name in the hat for another comic book role.

However, this time, it turns out that James McAvoy would be very interested in playing an iconic DC Comics baddie.

Recently, during an Instagram live video stream, James McAvoy was asked who he would like to play if he joins the DC Universe. And he revealed that is the Riddler.

“The Riddler? I always liked him when I was growing up. That would be cool,” he said. “I have always thought DC does really good bad guys.”

Still, there are no public plans for the Riddler joining the DC Extended Universe, but James McAvoy would make an interesting pick. Currently, the Riddler does appear in Gotham, and the serial gig of this villain has become a favorite within the series.

Following what happens with Disney’s buyout of Fox, James McAvoy will be in the market for a new superhero gig. The actor began his tenure with X-Men franchise when he nabbed the role of Professor X. McAvoy debuted his take on the mutant in X-Men: First Class, but seemingly there are plenty more roles this Scottish actor wants to explore. And If the Riddler never pans out, McAvoy did say he has considered a try at Star Trek if the right role comes up.

“I’ll take you where no Star Trek fan has gone before,” James McAvoy said during a recent interview where he shared his interest in playing a young Jean-Luc Picard. “I’ll reveal things about Jean-Luc Picard that nobody even wanted to see. And I’ll rip this captain to shreds.”

So, do you think James McAvoy has what it takes to tackle the DC Comics character? Share with us in the comments!

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Marvel May Not Make X-Men Films Until 2021 or Later




The merger is done, and it seems that the mouse has taken over the fox. At long last, Disney’s acquisition of the 21st Century Fox has finally come through, leaving the entertainment industry in a state of flux. With Disney becoming a bigger powerhouse than ever, details are beginning to trickle out about what is next for the studio. But it doesn’t seem there are immediate plans out for the X-Men franchise.

According to a new piece by THR, it appears the team at Disney – and Marvel Studios by proxy – are not ready to embrace Professor Xavier’s gifted youngsters quite yet.

“Unless [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige has a completed script waiting in his desk drawer, the newly arriving superheroes from the Disney-Fox merger are unlikely to hit screens until at least 2021, if not later,” The Hollywood Reporter reports.

And for those who want to know why the report takes such a hard stance, it all comes down to timing. This big acquisition of Disney has given the studio a slew of big-name properties, but fans are paying their close attention to Deadpool, the Fantastic Four, and X-Men. In the past, many reports have stressed Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is apparently the only Fox-led iteration to jump on board with Disney. However, the story of the latter two franchises is now a bit different.

Disney not only did inherit dozens of properties, but it also took on two yet-released X-Men films.

With Dark Phoenix will be the first X-Men film marketed by Disney, the movie is slated to debut on June 7 while New Mutants is aiming for a tentative August 2 premiere in spite of troubled reports. The House of Mouse is about to have its hands full sorting out these existing projects. And that does not account for lingering producer deals.

“The X-Men movies date back to 2000’s X-Men. There are also producer deals that will need to be looked at and either untangled or bought out, sources say. Lauren Shuler Donner, who championed the 2000’s film and has been a producer on all Fox’s mutant-centric films, is said to have a deal that calls for her to receive an executive producer credit on any X-Men film whether or not she’s actively involved. Kinberg may have a similar deal,” THR writes.
* Simon Kinberg is a longtime X-Men producer/writer and Dark Phoenix director.

With so much instability rocking Fox’s former IPs, it’s difficult to tell when Marvel Studios could being actively pursuing projects for the X-Men. With the MCU a blank slate following upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, anything seems possible for the world-famous franchise. And if Disney could whip up a rebranding of the X-Men or Fantastic Four by 2021, fans would be happier about it, but netizens should hold their breath over any movie announcements now.

So, would you mind waiting a bit longer for, say, a Wolverine x Hawkeye team-up? Let us know in the comments!

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“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Official Trailer Released




After the teaser, now a brand new international trailer for Dark Phoenix has just released, providing a different look at the X-Men film set to wrap up the 20-year-old franchise.

The trailer shows more context for Jean Grey’s transformation into the titular world-ending entity, and that’s the Dark Phoenix. It shows a more intimate moment between Mystique and Jean Grey, providing more impact for what will be a major moment in the film.

Watch the X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer above.

Spoiler for Dark Phoenix ahead. But if you are reading this story and have watched the trailer, it should not come as a major surprise.

Writer/director Simon Kinberg did confirm that Mystique would die in the movie, as indicated by the trailer, confirming Jennifer Lawrence’s exit from the long-running series. In an interview with EW, when asked why they decided to include that moment in the trailer, Kinberg gave a specific response.

“Well, the thought process behind is was to primarily show that this is a movie that is unlike other X-Men films,” Kinberg said. “It is a movie where shocking things happen, and where intense, dramatic things happen. People do not just fall off buildings and dust themselves off then walk away. There is a reality and also a consequence of the movie. Even more than that, this was to show Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix is genuinely a threat to everyone, including the X-Men.”

It is clear that this is the end of an era in the X-Men franchise, as indicated by Charles Xavier star James McAvoy.

During speaking with MTV News about the series ending and the franchise being absorbed by Marvel Studios, the actor stressed that a new era is likely beginning.

“I love playing Charles. But you have got to write something interesting for you to do as an actor, you cannot just keep doing the same thing again and again. So it may be the time for somebody else to come in,” told McAvoy. “Marvel and Disney are very smart. They have done this excellently. And they seem to be on the verge of doing something with just regards to the X-Men anyway, which is exciting. And I am excited to see that. So can the X-Men fold into the Avengers world? Essentially, it is the Avengers world we are talking about. I don’t know.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix premieres on June 7.

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Marvel Fans Spots Connection Between “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” and “Captain America: Civil War”




While the Disney & Fox merger will be completed later this month, it is no surprise Marvel fans are looking for some connection between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men franchise.

Recently over Reddit, a user noticed a similarity between Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. And it has some fans wondering whether it is just a coincidence or not.

Posted to r/Marvel, a subreddit operated by fans is “dedicated to Marvel Comics, its publications and hundreds of characters.” The image from the Dark Phoenix trailer shows a collar worn by Magneto (star Michael Fassbender) that happens to be similar to the one that Scarlet Witch (star Elizabeth Olsen) worn in Civil War.

You can see it below.

From Dark Phoenix trailer: The X-Men and Magneto are wearing inhabitor collars similar to the one Scarlet Witch was wearing in Civil War from Marvel

“From the Dark Phoenix trailer: the X-Men and Magneto are wearing inhibitor collars similar to the Scarlet Witch was wearing in Civil War,” wrote u/GodofCOnquerors.

As we can see, both look the same and likely work similarly to stop the characters from using their superpowers.

While some people think this is just a coincidence, others believe this was a purposeful choice. Considering in the comics, Magneto was once believed to be Scarlet Witch’s father; it would not be too far-fetched to suppose the same device would be used to deter their mutant powers. But, of course, that has since been retconned, and mutants don’t currently exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it is hard to say if this actually means anything.

Meanwhile, lots of Marvel fans are making good points on both sides of the argument.

“Probably more likely a coincidence,” replied u/DreadPirate_BlueTail.

“The guys who put the collars on them are called the ‘MCU,’ added the original poster. “I think it is an Easter egg.”

“That could be an early prototype of the collars since Dark Phoenix takes place in the ‘90s,” suggested u/_Andale_.

“Almost like there are so many generic prop schemas for ‘scri-fi prison collar,” u/Spiritofchokedout joked.

“Maybe because they are from the same comics?,” u/V4lr0g also pointed out.

And you, what do you think about these similar collars? Is this actually just a coincidence or is it hinting at an eventual merger between the franchises? Sound off in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame is hitting theaters on April 26, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be released on June 7.

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“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Director Teased Something New “Real Soon”




While fans are eagerly waiting for more information after the first trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, what is likely to be the final installment in 20th Century Fox’s long-running Marvel series.

The oft-delayed movie is not set to release in theaters until the end of this summer. However, that doesn’t mean we will not get anything new in the near future. Writer/director Simon Kinberg just teased fans on social media that something down the pipeline very soon.

Take a look.

Simon Kinberg was responding to us, addressing the new trailer for The Twilight Zone reboot on CBS All Access, which he is producing. When asked if there was anything new for X-Men: Dark Phoenix coming, the director only replied that “you will see something real soon.”

Still, it is unclear if the current plan for Fox is to release the trailer on February 28, as was possibly teased in a deleted social media post. In this deleted tweet, the official Japanese Twitter account for Dark Phoenix shared a brief teaser for the film. The video, a copy of which was since uploaded by a fan. It showed Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) embracing each other, alongside a “2.28” written in fiery text.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix was also supposed to arrive in theaters by now, pushing back from its original release date in November to this month. But now it’s coming later in August.

In spite of the setbacks, Simon Kinberg seems excited for the next chapter in the X-Men franchise.

During an appearance at CCXP last December, he promised that Dark Phoenix would serve as the end of one chapter as well as the beginning of something new.

“I see it as a new chapter,” Kinberg said late last year. “And I see it as taking the franchise in a different direction totally. That does not mean the next one will have the same tone. It means that the next one can have a different tone. I’m thinking for many years. The X-Men, Bryan [Singer/director] really transformed the superhero genre in 2000 – 2001 when the first one came out. That is almost 20 years ago. It was a long time ago. At that time, superhero films actually weren’t wildly popular. There had also been a few failures in the mid-90s. And there had not been lots of superhero movies, if any, around that time and X-Men sort of was revolutionary in its moment.”

“But that was 20 years ago. I think, I really felt like it’s time to really change the look, the feel, the tone, and the vibe of these films. And that does not mean this is the one going forward. It just means if it’s me or whoever directs the next one, you can make it different. And you have to make it different.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix premieres on June 7.

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Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Confirms “Deadpool 3” Will Happen




While X-Force may be dead, the creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld still expects the Ryan Reynolds-led standalone franchise to continue in “some form, some fashion.”

“That is not a concern to me,” Liefeld tweeted. “Disney paid $60 billion for Fox, and Deadpool is the most valuable asset in today’s market. It makes more than X-Men films.”

According to a report from Variety, Disney purchased $71.3 billion to acquire X-Verse producers 21st Century Fox in a deal that will likely close in March of this year.

Previously, Rob Liefeld commentated that deal meant X-Force – writer/director Drew Goddard’s planned offshoot of Deadpool 2, reteaming Ryan Reynolds with franchise newcomers Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz as a much more violent band of black ops X-Men – was likely dead in the water, calling the potential $800 million-plus grosser a “victim of the merger.

However, the star/co-writer/producer Ryan Reynolds was initially unsure of a Deadpool 3 in the wake of the last summer’s sequel.

As of January, a third movie is in the works under scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who reportedly will be taking the franchise “in a completely different direction.”

In May, when the spinoff looked more definite, Ryan Reynolds said the standalone Deadpool franchise probably moved forward under the X-Force branding as an ensemble.

“I do not know that there’d be a Deadpool 3. Really don’t,” he said at the time.

“I feel like that character, in order for him to function properly within his own universe, you have to take everything away from him. And I do not think that you can keep doing that. But I do see him as being part of X-Force, obviously. I’d love to see him in a team-up sort of thing, like mano a mano or a great female character from X-Men universe. I just think if you are going to do another Deadpool solo film, you have got to really, like, get the budget down to nothing and swing for the fences, then break all kinds of its weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do.”

Meanwhile, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that current Fox-controlled properties Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool would fall under the purview of Kevin Feige as well as his Marvel Studios banner when the acquisition is completed.

Even though Kevin Feige is firm the studio has yet to put any plans with these characters into motion – such moves are legally prohibited until Disney reclaims the screen rights from Fox – Marvel expectedly retains Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, even if the franchise is rebooted when integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, home to the Avengers and Black Panther franchises.

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