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Disney+ Reportedly Developing ‘Hawkeye’ TV Series Starring Jeremy Renner



Several popular Marvel characters are now getting their own TV series on the upcoming streaming service Disney+. And recently it has been revealed that one of the key original Avengers ensembles is getting his own show. That’s Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye.

On Wednesday morning, Variety broke this news, reporting that Disney+ was indeed developing a Hawkeye series in addition to other projects featuring Scarlet Witch and Loki. As for Jeremy Renner, who has starred as Hawkeye in the MCU, he’ll reprise his role in the show. However, Renner will not be the only Hawkeye to appear.

The show is reportedly set to be based on the Hawkeye in comics, seeing Clint Barton pass the torch to the next archer to take on the mantle, Kate Bishop. It’ll be an adventure series that follows Kate’s training to become the Hawkeye of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, allowing Clint Barton to retire officially.

This will be a limited series streaming on Disney+, much like other shows featuring MCU characters. However, though there may not be a ton of episodes, these series will be the first shows that truly tie into the events going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore, the set-up of young hero Kate Bishop will actually carry over into the Avengers franchise, allowing her to take Clint Barton’s place on the big screen.
As with other series in the works that will feature Loki, Winter Soldier and Falcon, and Vision and Scarlet Witch, the idea is for the shows to run around six to eight episodes, with the MCU characters aboard and obviously a lower budget than the movies. But all produced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as opposed to the Marvel TV division.

Hawkeye was last seen on house arrest during the events of Avengers: Infinity War. But as we saw in the official trailers for upcoming Endgame, he will be back on his duty, taking on the Ronin identity following what we are sure was at least some loss in his family post-snap. The film hits theaters on April 26.

So, are you excited for a Hawkeye TV series to arrive shortly? Which of the Marvel characters are you most looking forward to being streaming on Disney+? Let us know in the comments!


Marvel’s Hawkeye: Who is Kate Bishop?




Marvel Studios officially announced Kate Bishop, the third Hawkeye to appear in Marvel Comics, would be joining their cinematic universe at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The new streaming series Hawkeye is set to arrive in the fall of 2021 on Disney+, but comics fans are already so excited to hear that Kate Bishop will be playing a big role in this new series. That also makes sense for those who have read Kate’s many appearances in multiple volumes of Hawkeye and Young Avengers as well, but might leave those focused on the films in the dark. That is why we have assembled everything you need to get to know about Kate Bishop in one convenient rundown here, complete with comic recommendations and previous adaptations.

Creations & Origins

Kate Bishop was first created by writer Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung. The character debuted in Young Avengers (Vol. 1) #1 alongside other new characters. And all of them were roughly based on the legacies of famous Avengers. The series was launched in the wake of the “Avengers Disassembled” event that killed several key characters, including Hawkeye, before disbanding the team.

The Young Avengers then attempted to fill that void by utilizing familiar names and powers to deliver a new team with teenage superheroes. Kate Bishop was accidentally pulled into their first adventure and proved herself every bit as capable of battling supervillains in spite of having no powers of her own, armed only with fragments of Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Swordman’s gear. Kate Bishop does possess incredible skill with archery. She has been trained in martial arts, skills only enhanced as she has continued her superhero career.


Kate Bishop worked with the original Young Avengers for the team’s entire tenure, battling villains like Kang the Conqueror and Mister Hyde. Hawkeye and others were initially told to cease their vigilante activities, but eventually, Captain America recognized Kate’s innate drive and her sense of justice, leading to him gifting her the original Hawkeye’s gear. After Clint Barton returned to life, he and Kate Bishop struggled with the shared identity, largely due to their shared bull-headed nature.

The conflict was expanded upon (and somewhat resolved) in the fourth volume of Hawkeye. The two teamed up for a variety of missions in the acclaimed series that explored the Hawkeyes both together and individually. This period enshrined Kate Bishop as a significant player at Marvel Comics, leading to appearances in events like Secret Invasion and Siege.

Kate Bishop has remained an active heroine both in her own adventures an on multiple teams. She was also the protagonist of the most recent volume of Hawkeye and has featured in later iterations of Young Avengers. Along the way, Kate Bishop has been made aware of her father’s connections to organize super crime, including the Maggia; but she has battled him and his allies, opting to remain a superhero no matter the cost is. Her most recent adventures have featured Kate engaged in detective work in the L.A. area, resulting in the newest iteration of the West Coast Avengers in the same setting.

Greatest Hits

In Marvel Comics, Kate Bishop has only been featured for less than 15 years, but has already featured in a wide range of excellent stories. And here are a few of the best starting points for new readers.

Sidekicks: Young Avengers (vol. 1) #1-6: The story introduced Kate Bishop to Marvel Comics as a skilled archer, a martial artist, and emerging leader amongst the group of superpowered teenagers. Unlike other characters, Kate Bishop emerged fully formed in this story and has become a popular character ever since. MCU fans can expect to see more young heroes emerge from this series, including the possibility of Cassie Lang (the daughter of Scott Lang/Ant-Man) using Pym Particles to become Stature.

The Vagabond Code: Hawkeye (volume 4) #2: The second issue of the series, considered to be a modern classic, and introduced the dynamic of dual Hawkeyes. It is a perfect expression of how Clint Barton and Kate Bishop interact in the comics and display of the reasons why Kate is well-suited to assume the Hawkeye mantle full time. It is a self-contained story filled with character work, action, and humor – an excellent introduction all-around.

L.A. Woman: Hawkeye (volume 4) #14, 16, 18, 20, and the Annual #1: Towards the end of this series, Kate Bishop fled to Los Angeles for her own adventures, working as a private investigator and then facing down Madame Masque. The stories showcase Kate Bishop at her best as a solo hero, providing some possibilities for what her future in the MCU would look like after Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is retired.

Young Avengers: Young Avengers (volume 2) #1-15: The second volume of this series functions as a single and sweeping story – one that presents Kate Bishop’s current status in comics wonderfully. It captures how Kate has grown as a leader, hero, and friend, in addition to highlighting most of her key relationships. The series also serves as potential inspiration for any future movie or TV adaptations of the Young Avengers emerging in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Notable Adaptations

Kate Bishop’s relatively short existence in the Marvel Comics has limited a number of stories that the character has been featured in outside of comics. Still, there are a few worth looking at for Marvel fans ready to find more about Kate wherever she might appear.

Avengers: Ultron Revolution, “Into the Future:” The flashforward episode featured a variety of cameo appearances, including one of Kate Bishop as an Avenger, albeit as an unvoiced role. It is one of the first steps that Marvel Entertainment has taken to integrating multiple legacy heroes across all of the media lines, though, making it well worth a watch.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2: This Lego line remains the most accessible and consistently enjoyable video game adaptations of Marvel properties. Kate Bishop appeared in the second installment as part of a DLC package, allowing new players to utilize this character throughout a variety of wacky missions.

And Hawkeye TV series (Disney+): The biggest adaption for Kate Bishop will remain in the future, however, with the upcoming premiere of Hawkeye on the new streaming service called Disney+. The series focus on Clint Barton passing his mantle down will almost certainly make Kate every bit as popular with fans as the original Hawkguy.

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“Avengers: Endgame:” How Hawkeye Becomes Ronin




Even before Infinity War hit theaters last year, it had been reported that Clint Barton (star Jeremy Renner) would be switching from his traditional Hawkeye persona to the gritty Ronin mantle that eventually he picked up in the comics. And when the second trailer for Avengers: Endgame showed, Barton did indeed switch mantles and here is why.

This post contains major spoilers. In case you have yet to see the film, proceed with caution. You have been warned!

Actually, Endgame opens up with the situation that causes Clint’s downward spiral. Clint is having a picnic with his family outside, in a scene shown in one of the last trailers before the film’s release, where he is teaching his daughter Lila (star Ava Russo) how to shoot her bow.

And Lila shoots one arrow straight through the target’s bullseye; then she goes to collect it. When Clint looks off to his wife Laura and sons off in the distance, we see Lila dust away. Then Clint begins turning around frantically, but his wife and sons have also disappeared.

At some point in that time jump between the Thanos’ snap and the five years later in which the majority of Endgame takes place, Clint Barton picks up the Ronin mantle and starts hunting down crime families across the globe for hire. It is in this time Clint uses his accuracy skills to hone his hand-to-hand combat and sword skills as well, providing for plenty of bloody murders.

As seen in toys and the likes leading up to Endgame, Barton’s Ronin costume is pretty comic-accurate, down to the gold piping on his facemask. However, the only major difference is that Ronin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has no fabric covering his eyes while Ronin in the comics has a full-face mask.

So, what’s your favorite part of Avengers: Endgame? Are you about to go see the movie for at least one more time? Share with us in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Fan Art Imagines New Look for Jeremy Renner as Ronin




The first release of Avengers: Endgame trailer finally gave Marvel Cinematic Universe fans one thing they have been waiting for. It’s the debut of Jeremy Renner’s new superhero persona, Ronin!

Since having a glimpse of Ronin, Marvel fans have been showing their love to Clint Barton’s Jeremy Renner with all kinds of fan art renderings. Recently, the artist BossLogic dropped his latest work on Hawkeye.

You can see the fan art below.

There is still a lot we do not know about Jeremy Renner’s full Ronin costume, especially what the headgear looks like. In the comics, Ronin wears a mask that’s a combination of a samurai and ninja mask. It covers all of his face, with two white eyes in Spider-Man style. Fans have still been debating whether that look would be recreated in Avengers: Endgame. Or we would get a more traditional live-action superhero look, with Ronin’s mask sporting some opening for Renner’s eyes to peer through. In fact, there has been something of a recent movement in fan art circles to give Ronin that open-eye mask, vs. earlier concept art that went with Ronin’s traditional comic book look.

As you can see the image above, this new artwork of Ronin from BossLogic even revises earlier concepts of what Ronin himself could look like in Avengers: Endgame. In case you need a reminder, check this out below.

Another detail of Ronin’s costume that fans have been buzzing about is whether Jeremy Renner would don a hood to play as the ninja vigilante or not.

In the first Endgame trailer, we saw a scene where Black Widow ran across Ronin somewhere in Japan, and was clearly sporting a hood over his head. However, in the next sequence, we also saw Clint Barton pull off whatever is on his head to show off his face. Since it’s raining in that scene, we are not sure if the hood was tactical due to the weather, or even a full part of the mask headpiece. So far it seems that the latter case is true. From there, it will make the look of the eyes even more crucial in determining whether Jeremy Renner’s Ronin looks badass, or just kind of silly.

In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War is now available on Netflix. Other MCU films will be arriving.

Captain Marvel: March 8th, 2019
Avengers: Endgame: April 26th, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home: July 5th, 2019.

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No One Told Netflix That Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Appear in Avengers: Infinity War




Recently, Marvel fans are more than well aware of the fact that Avengers: Infinity War just came and went last year, with only the mention of Clint Barton, as known as Hawkeye, one of the original Avengers. While you were talking about the conversation surrounding Infinity War, aside from the Snap itself, one of the biggest talking points focused on Jeremy Renner’s missing archer. Cries for “Why is not Hawkeye in the movie?!” rang loud from all corners of Marvel fandom.

All that to say, it has been clear to everyone that Jeremy Renner was not in Avengers: Infinity War. However, it does not look like anyone told Netflix that was the case.

On last Christmas Day, the streaming service Netflix added Avenger: Infinity War to its ever-changing roster of titles. That gave Marvel fans the chance to experience the film all over again. They could also find things to nitpick about how the movie is presented. While there were so many people online debating whether or not Netflix is accurate in calling Thanos an “intergalactic sociopath” (spoiler alert: that is the best possible way describing him), they seemingly missed the fact that Netflix has Jeremy Renner listed among the film’s cast.

If you check out (again) the details section of Infinity War on Netflix, it does list out the main cast & crew of the movie. Of course, when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, the cast is entirely massive. Many of the Avengers and Guardians appear as a part of the cast, even if they have smaller roles in the movie. But as we all know too well, Jeremy Renner is most definitely not in the movie.

(Photo: Netflix)

In spite of this fact, Jeremy Renner is still listed early on in the credits.

You can see the actor’s name appear in the first column of names. Right in between Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt.

Certainly, this is nothing more than an oversight on the part of Netflix. It’s not as if the service streaming has some new version of the movie that mysteriously includes Jeremy Renner’s character, Clint Barton as Hawkeye. If anything, it is just a little reminder of the disappointment we all felt. When the Avengers got the band back together, but somehow neglected to invite their most important member.

Fortunately, Clint Barton has appeared in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame. So everything is right with the world.

Avengers: Infinity War is now officially streaming on Netflix. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Fan Art Revealed Heartbreaking Loss For Hawkeye




If you’re having a good day, it’s about to be ruined a little. Recently, fan art that surfaced online shows the moments that Hawkeye’s Clint Barton (stars Jeremy Renner) loses his family to Thanos’s snap. And it’s just as heartbreaking as you could expect.

As you can see, the fan art features a somber scene with yellow skies; and, certainly, we see Barton outside on his farm with family. When his daughter is running towards him, she turns into dust as a victim of The Decimation – the official name of the “snap” as Thanos assembled the entire Gauntlet.

From the mind of the fan art extraordinaire BossLogic, it seems to be an unsettling setting that is more than likely going to play out in some fashion as Hawkeye picks up his comic-accurate Ronin mantle, which probably was evidenced by his appearance in the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Besides that, the fan art is also overlayed with a quote from the trailer. It’s when Natasha Romanoff’s Scarlett Johansson and Steve Rogers’s Chris Evans was discussing the events that just took place.

“We lost friends,” the poster read. “We lost family. We lost a part of ourselves.”

Meanwhile, in preparation for the debut for Endgame trailer, Jeremy Renner posted in his Instagram to thank fans for supporting him over the years.

“I may have traveled around this planet 75 times over, but people make a place,” Hawkeye wrote. “I love that I have THE BEST, the most LOYAL and THOUGHTFUL FANS! You all make such a wonderful place to visit!”

As for the future of Renner’s character Hawkeye, Marvel Cinematic Universe boss Kevin Feige previously mentioned Marvel Studios already had plans in the works for the archer.

“We [at Marvel] do love Hawkeye. And there are big, big story things coming up for Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner is also a strong actor as anyone in the MCU and awesome as this character,” Kevin Feige said. “So ‘The guy with the bow and arrow jokes,’ right? There are a lot of ‘Guys with bow and arrow jokes.’ He even made ‘Guy with a bow and arrow’ jokes in some of the movies. So I love when people go from ‘Oh, Hawkeye is just lucky to be there,’ to ‘Oh, where is he? Is he not there? What’s going to happen? We need Hawkeye. We want more Hawkeye.’ I love it. It’s the best.”

Well, do you think the dusting of Barton’s family is what will push him over the edge? Would you love to see him in Ronin in live-action or just prefer the classic Hawkeye? Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include:

  • Captain Marvel on March 8th, 2019
    Avengers: Endgame on April 26th, 2019
    Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th, 2019.
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