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Touching “Avengers: Endgame” Fan Art Imagines Pepper Potts Getting Tony Stark’s Message



After such a long wait, the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame eventually offered fans their first glimpse at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it didn’t look pretty at all.

In the opening scene of Endgame trailer, Tony Stark used what was left of his Iron Man armor to record a message. Perhaps they’re his final words before dying in space, meant for his fiancé Pepper Potts. Recently, a piece of fan art from SpdrMnkyXXIII has imagined a tragic followup to this scene, showing Pepper watching Stark’s transmission. Check it out below:

While the trailer of Endgame picks up right where Avengers: Infinity War has left off, some fans are expecting some sort of time jump in the upcoming movie. Especially since Pepper Potts stars Gwyneth Paltrow teased her character would have a child in the official magazine for Avengers: Infinity War.

“Pepper Potts and Tony [Stark] have had a real long journey together,” said Paltrow. “She obviously started as his dutiful assistant, and then the relationship evolved. And now this decade later they get married, then they have a child. And their relationship has evolved in all of the ways that great romances evolve.”

Robert Downey Jr. himself also made it seem like this could be his final go as Tony Stark on the big screen.

“It is this cyclical thing,” he said to “I’d have said when the first Avengers came out: ‘It’s never going to get any better than that. Everybody stop.’ But for me, it’s always about people and opportunities, like the Russos, who I adore.”

The star revealed that he’s eager to go out on a high note. So that he does not want to get complacent when it comes to future projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Everyone said to me it was like a glove that fits so well,” he said. “I’ve to start over every time, but I am doing it with a pretty solid base. I’ve just never wanted to blow it for the last six or seven MCU movies I’ve done by dropping the ball because I made the decision to do it for one more time. So I just want to hang up my jersey before it becomes embarrassing.”

We will see how it all wraps up when Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26, 2019.

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“Avengers: Endgame:” Fans Shipping Captain Marvel and Thor




Avengers: Endgame is now moving into its actual endgame. The movie arrives theaters in just a month, so the team at Marvel Studios released a new trailer to celebrate. And it also has introduced a new ship into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, if you’re ready to move on from Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, no worries, because it seems netizens are convinced that Captain Marvel and Thor are about to become a new “it” item.

The whole thing actually began at the end of the Avengers: Endgame trailer. Fans watched as the reel set up the MCU’s epic battle to save the universe from Thanos at last, but instead, fans now directed their focus to the trailer’s tag scene. It ended with a short add-on starring Thor and Carol Danvers.

That scene shows Thor dressed down in a hoodie approached Carol from behind. Then Captain Marvel turns as the Asgardian approaches, and he stops before her. With a hand reached out, the God of Thunder summons his weapon to his hand, and Carol doesn’t even act so much as flinch. They lock eyes with Natasha Romanoff standing to the side, and Thor ends the standoff with his easy smile.

I like this one,” the king admits, making the whole comic fandom explode into feels.

You can view the slides below; fans are obsessed with the meeting and all its interpretations. While some of them are simply happy to see the two overpowered space travelers meeting up, others think about a budding romance could sprout between them. But now, we have to wait and see if the ship actually sets said when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters this April, or if Captain Marvel will go “higher, further, faster” without the OG Avenger.







07. HELLO!


and so on.

How about you? What is your thought of this growing ship? Share with us in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. And you can also check out the debut of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, now playing in theaters.

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“Avengers: Endgame” New TV Spot Released Online




A new TV spot for upcoming Avengers: Endgame has been released online.

This is the first TV spot for the blockbuster since the 30-second spot which aired during the Super Bowl. It contains new footage by comparison to other Endgame trailers but in the form of already-released Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

This time around, the opening of the Avengers: Endgame trailer shows more fallen characters which weren’t used in the latest full-length trailer. For example, Evangeline Lily’s Hope van Dyne a.k.a. The Wasp is also featured in the opening of this new Avengers: Endgame TV spot.

“You cannot chase bigger because you get yourself into trouble,” co-director Joe Russo said in an interview. “What you can chase is storytelling. So, everything for us is based on that story. Obviously, this is larger in scale than the Civil War because we have more than double the number of characters in it. And it is Thanos. It is cosmic. The stakes are the universe. You cannot get much bigger than that.”

In another later interview regarding Avengers: Infinity War, the directors Russo Brothers went into further detail about what they expected the year between Infinity War and its sequel to feel like for fans.

“I think the reaction is that in [Captain America:] Winter Soldier and Civil War, we like complicated stories,” said Joe Russo. “We like stories that are in bounds. And Thanos is the toughest villain they have ever faced. It is going to cost these heroes a lot if they are going to beat him. We like robust concepts. So I think when people are done with the movie, hopefully, it is a cathartic experience for them; and so they feel it was a worthy finale to 10 years of film-making.”

Avengers: Endgame officially hits theaters on April 26. In the meantime, Captain Marvel is still showing. And Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to release on July 5.

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“Avengers: Endgame” New Look at Rocket Raccoon’s Classic Comics Costume




The second full-length Avengers: Endgame trailer is finally out, showing Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) saves the universe from the Mad Titan (star Josh Brolin) himself. Though the glimpse of Rocket might not have shown everyone’s beloved “rabbit” going toe-to-toe with Thanos, the trailer did include a new shot that makes it clear Rocket now gets a new suit for himself.

You can take a closer look below.

(Photo: Marvel)

In fact, it is a comic-accurate suit from Marvel’s cosmic heyday.

Previously revealed in the Super Bowl spot, the latest trailer has a better look at Rocket’s appearance, which includes a pair of goggles this time around. The Rocket Raccoon’s costume comes straight from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) story – a run that is heavily influenced the Guardians trajectory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As it stands now, Rocket Raccoon is the lone member of the Guardians alive as every else turned into dust – or in the case of Gamora, she was murdered by Thanos – in Avengers: Infinity War. While the fan-favorite character previously paired up with Thor (star Chris Hemsworth) and Groot (Vin Diesel) on a mission in Infinity War, Rocket Raccoon is now seen here entering battle on the shoulder of War Machine (star Don Cheadle).

After Avengers: Endgame hits theaters, the future of the Guardians is still uncertain, although Disney and Marvel Studios president has confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will happen, with the return of director James Gunn.

Captain Marvel stars the Academy Award® winner Brie Larson (Carol Danvers), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou (Korath). Lashana Lynch, Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva), Lee Pace (Ronan), Rune Temte. Algenis Perez Soto, Kenneth Mitchell (Joseph Danvers), with Clark Gregg (Phill Coulson), Jude Law, and Goose the cat.

Captain Marvel is now in theaters. Other upcoming MCU films include Avengers: Endgame on April 26, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Every Secret Revealed By The New Trailer




The second official trailer for Avengers: Endgame has arrived without warning in the early hours on Thursday morning, surprising fans with some brand new footage from this highly-anticipated film.

Just like the first two teasers for Avengers: Endgame, the trailer came with a multitude of questions and a few answers. The deeper you look, the more hints will rise to the surface. Some of these come in the form of callbacks to the previous Marvel movies, while others are teases regarding what has to arrive in the future.

Regardless, there is obviously A LOT of cryptic information in the new trailer. And we are now about to break down each of the big moments and some burning secrets as well.

It’s time to take a deep dive into the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, and we’ll see what kind of tragic gems are buried within it.


The new trailer starts with Tony Stark talking to Pepper Potts, just as the first trailer did. However, this time is a little different though, as he ends the speech with a mention of having “one last surprise” already up his sleeve.

But this could easily be written off as Tony himself referencing his exit to space at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, thinking he could do the impossible and even save the world one last time. However, there’s some thought that Tony perhaps had something else in his mind.

Whether it will be a personal surprise for his wife-to-be or a big idea to try to make the entire galaxy safe again, Tony may have a plan in place.


While most of the voiceover in the Avengers: Endgame trailer was provided by the Avengers themselves, the footage of Captain America’s past was narrated by the love of his life, the late Peggy Carter.

Though the lines spoken by Peggy are not new, they certainly do set the stage for the events of the final Avengers franchise. Let’s think back to Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve Rogers is talking to Peggy in the hospital. That is where this dialogue comes from.

“The world has changed, none of us can go back. All that we can do is our best. And sometimes, the best we can do, is to start over.”

Though, Steve Rogers and the others are not exactly heeding this advice. Because it seems like traveling back in time and fixing the past is what they are going to try to do.


An interesting shot of Hawkeye before Thanos’ snap gives up a tease of his potential replacement, Kate Bishop.

In the trailer, Clint Barton is helping a young girl learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. This character could be his daughter Lila, but the girl in there seen seems a little older than Lila would be. If this is not Lila, it is most definitely Kate.

In the Marvel comics, Kate Bishop takes over the mantle of Hawkeye as Clint Barton gets older. So, could Endgame be setting up the same story so that the heroic archer can move on in the MCU?


As we saw in the first trailer of Endgame, Clint Barton is likely taking on a new mantle at some point in the film. After (probably) losing his family to the Decimation, Clint will be going a little off the rails as donning a hood and adopting the name Ronin.

And one way to signal this big transition is with his new hairstyle. Clint has got the Ronin undercut rather than his classic, fun-loving-dad hair that we have become used to.

Odds are, this will be a much different Clint Barton than his version we last saw in the Civil War.


When the Decimation occurred in Infinity War, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man was stuck inside the Quantum Realm due to the sudden ousting of the entire Van Dyne family.

The first shot of Scott Lang in the new trailer shows what happened when he first made the way back to the real world. There is no telling exactly how he gets out, but he is seen walking around a deserted street, trying to make sense of what has been happening in the world. All of a sudden, everyone he loves is gone. And he still has no idea where they went, or why.

Obviously, something will have to click with Scott before he makes his way to Avengers Headquarter. But if Scott comes back to San Francisco, he has got a long road trip ahead of himself.


“Even if there’s a small chance, we own this to everyone who is not in this room to try.”

Natasha Romanoff’s narration delivers this ominous line about halfway through the new trailer, teasing that the Avengers have some sort of ideas as to how they are going to fix what Thanos destroyed. By the way it sounds, they know there is still a good chance the plan will not work. But also, they all understand that no one else in the world will be able to get things back to the way the Avengers were.

Oh well, “whatever it takes.”


In the trailer, there are several shots showing off a fight that the Avengers are involved in. However, it looks like the battle is much closer to home than those that took place in Infinity War.

Avengers HQ is under attack.

Recently, a leaked look at an Avengers: Endgame LEGO set teased that Thanos would launch a surprise attack on the Avengers compound in New York. So we’ve already had our eyes peeled for that. But things are becoming clearer during the trailer, especially in the shot where Ant-Man is standing alone in one of the offices. And if you look closely in the background of Scott, you will see a massive explosive fireball slowly filling the windows of Avengers HQ at around 1:34. The explosions are starting to go off behind him just before the camera cuts. And the later scene of the trailer also sees a miniaturized Ant-Man trying to escape a fiery explosion while surrounded by all office supplies. And that’s almost certainly the followup scene to Scott Lang seeing the explosion coming, as depicted above.

This glimpse helps make sense of the scene later that Ant-Man is dodging pencils and pens in the middle of a destructive fire. He is in the same office after the compound has been attacked. Meanwhile, the same goes for the shots of other members fighting in the rubble.


Speaking of the Avengers in battle, we can see Captain America gritting his teeth while strapping on his shield, seemingly he’s in the middle of a fight.

Some fans are considering this shot is from the final stand of Steve. And that he will not be around for too much longer once it’s over. But if the explosion theory is true, probably this shot takes place at the beginning of the film. Like the others, Captain America is fighting towards off attackers at Avengers HQ.

Then again, that’s only a theory, tho.


And the final scene in the trailer sees Brie Larson as Captain Marvel joining the rest of Avengers team. And Thor is testing to see if she is as strong as she claims. When his Stormbreaker zooms past Carol’s head, she doesn’t even flinch. And Thor is instantly made a fan of her.

Back to the post-credits scene for Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is finally with the other Avengers, ready to take on Thanos. That scene is the first time we have seen them together in Endgame introduction. And it gave us such a feel for how she’ll fit in with the rest of the team.

So, what do you think about the new Avengers: Endgame trailer? Share with us in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26! Stay tuned!

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The Russo Brothers to Receive Director of the Year Award at CinemaCon




Good news! Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony & Joe Russo will be honored as Director of the Year at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the annual convention announced on Wednesday.

“From the beginning with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Russo Brothers have proven that they have a story to tell; and they’ve brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to levels that others could only have dreamed of,” Mitch Neuhauser, Managing Director of CinemaCon said. “With the impending release of Avengers: Endgame, they’re sure to continue the critical and box office successes as they thrill, surprise and entertain audiences around the globe.”

The Russo Brothers will be presented the special honor during the Big Screen Achievement Awards ceremony on Thursday, April 4 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Back in 2018, Director of the Year was award to Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler.

The Russo Brothers last steered Avengers: Infinity War to $2.04 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time and also the fourth biggest earner in Marvel history. Its domestic total of $678 million became the second-biggest for 2018, behind only Black Panther at a rare $700 million.

Avengers: Endgame, which released the final trailer on Thursday, is expected to become the biggest film of 2019 when it launches late April. The fourth Avengers is both Infinity War sequel and the culmination of the first chapter of the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Our approach has always been… when we look at the process, as with [screenwriters] [Stephen] McFeely and [Christopher] Marcus, it is simply the same thing in the way Winter Soldier relates to Civil War, and the way Civil War relates to Infinity War,” Joe Russo previously told SlashFilm about filming two Avengers movies back-to-back.

“These two movies will also relate, there is a narrative thread that is connecting these films. But at the same time, there is independence in terms of what the experience is or where the story goes. It is not a true two-parter. And I think the two-parter concept came back when Marvel decided that they were going to culminate the MCU, then it was going to be a two-movie deal. But as we developed the film, in execution, it ended up being more of two singular expressions.”

The Russo Brothers are set to next direct Cherry, reuniting them with Spidey star Tom Holland in their first directing gig outside Marvel franchise since 2014.

As for CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), it will run from April 1 – 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Brand New Poster Released




Marvel Studios surprised the world on Thursday morning by dropping the new trailer of Avengers: Endgame online for all to see. As of the morning, we could not get any better, the Disney-owned studio followed the trailer with the reveal of Endgame’s official poster, featuring all of the superheroes you were expecting, as well as a couple of surprises.

You can view the official Avengers: Endgame poster below.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

As we can see, Tony Stark/Iron Man takes the top billing on the poster, with his head biggest and boldest at the top of the image. He looks up into the sky where he has always expected the problems to come from. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers/Captain America is positioned right in the middle of the poster, with his iconic shield in hand.

The rest of the surviving Avengers can be spotted around the poster, as is Brie Larson starring as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, who can now join the advertising since her standalone debut has finally arrived recently. And the big surprise of the poster is the inclusion of Danai Gurira as Okoye, who was the last seen watching T’Challa fade into dust. While she is undoubtedly an important character to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Okoye has been completely absent from every bit of marketing leading up to Endgame, which is what makes her appearance on the poster a nice surprise.

In addition to the fresh faces on the poster, we also get a look at some new hair for the likes of Black Widow and Hawkeye. Rather than the short blonde hair that Natasha Romanoff was sporting at the end of Infinity War, now she has returned to her classic red braid that we all knew so well.

So, what do you think about this new Avengers: Endgame poster? Are you in for some more surprises before the film arrives next month? Share with us in the comments!

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. In the meantime, don’t miss out the debut of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, now playing in theaters.

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Official Trailer 2 For “Avengers: Endgame” Featuring Captain Marvel




“Whatever it takes.”

While we are still counting the days for the premiere of Marvel Studios’ next crossover event, now finally we got another look at the new film with a brand-new trailer for Avengers: Endgame.

This morning, Marvel Studios has released a brand-new trailer of Avengers: Endgame without any warning, showing off some new footage from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ upcoming showdown against the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Watch the second official trailer of Avengers: Endgame below.

Fans have been even much eager to see more about the upcoming MCU flick. However, the studio is obviously keeping secrets for the film until the release.

After the shocking ending to Avengers: Infinity War, fans had a lot to say about Thanos’ snap that eradicated half of the universe. But that did not affect the story the Russo Brothers wanted to tell.

“When Joe and I got hired to direct the [Captain America:] Winter Soldier, the movie was many multiples larger than anything we could ever do before as the filmmakers,” Anthony Russo told Business Insider. “But the way we work as the filmmakers are we have to satisfy ourselves first and foremost. If we are making a movie that excites us, that is the best we can do. We cannot predict if people are going to like it. We just know whether we like it. That is how we have made every one of our Marvel movies. And it is how we are making this one. So for all of the anticipation and anxiety about it, nothing serves us better than staying focused on the story that we’re trying to tell. And we are telling it the best way as we can.”

Avengers: Endgame also serves as the introduction of Captain Marvel to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe after her debut film hit theaters. However, giving the heroine power levels, there is a challenge for the Russos in bringing who could be the strongest character in the franchise.

“It is always a concern of ours about overpowering characters. Because the reason that people relate to those characters is their humanity. And that they are flawed,” Joe Russo told CinemaBlend. “The reason we love working so much with Captain America was that he was limited. And his heart was his superpower, you know? So we are all acutely aware of the dangers of having an overly powerful character. But we like sensitive storytelling. So, we found a thoughtful way through it.”

We will get to see how it all comes together when Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26. Stay tuned!

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Kevin Feige Revealed Why “Avengers: Endgame” Title Was a Spoiler




Marvel fans have gotten somewhat bamboozled by the long (drawn-out) wait to learn the title of Avengers 4. The early theories that the movie would be titled “Endgame” were shot down – as was the Russo Brothers’ teaser photo “puzzle” reveal, which was almost instantly solved by fans. And yet, in the end, the first trailer for Avengers 4 unveiled that Endgame was indeed what we were getting.

According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, the tricks and games with keeping the Avengers: Endgame title a secret were really necessary, as the title was viewed as a spoiler.

So here is what Kevin Feige said while talking with Collider at the press day for Captain Marvel.

“Well, I think I had said that it all had gotten blown out of proportion to some extent. But it was a spoiler. Because if you know before Avengers: Infinity War came out that the next movie was called Endgame, then you know that there was not an ending to Infinity War. But that had been the film title from the moment we conceived of doing the two movies. In large part, it’s seeded right there. I mean, it’s seeded in Ultron.”

His answer may cover why the titles for Infinity War and Endgame were not revealed together. However, the Marvel maestro manages to wiggle right around the issue of why the Avengers: Endgame title revelation was drawn out so long after the Infinity War‘s release. Ultimately, the Endgame tittle reveal did play a lot like J.J. Abrams worst kept the secret of Benedict Cumberbatch playing as Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. That’s to say: pretty obvious from the start but pretty disappointing in the end.

However, as we have learned since the title revealed, the name of Avengers 4 does not matter much as the anticipation for what the movie will be about. “Avengers: MXYZPTLK” would still sell many tickets just as “Avengers: Endgame.” Is that perhaps a lesson for Marvel Studios that not “everything” has to be super, duper, secret when it comes to promoting their films?

With Avengers: Endgame now just two months away, fans ironically don’t want to hear any more secrets or reveals before getting to experience it themselves.

Avengers: Infinity War is already available on home video. Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films include Captain Marvel on March 8, Avengers: Endgame on April 26, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5.

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“Avengers: Endgame” New Trailer Released During Super Bowl




A brand new trailer for Avengers: Endgame has arrived during Super Bowl LIII. We’ve got you covered.

The new look at the film is consistent with the marketing plan seen for Avengers: Infinity War, which precedes Avengers: Endgame in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universes storyline. During Super Bowl LII one year ago, Marvel Studios revealed the second look at Infinity War. And this year, Avengers: Endgame will be a direct sequel picking up where Infinity War left off.

Now you can watch the full trailer below.

While details of Avengers: Endgame remains a secret, the directors of the upcoming movie, the Russo Brothers, did open up about their approach to the biggest film in Marvel’s history.

“You cannot chase bigger because you get yourself into trouble,” Joe Russo said during an interview with Comicbook. “What you can chase is storytelling. So, everything for us is based on the story. This is obviously larger in scale than the Civil War because we have more than double the number of characters in it. And it is Thanos. And it is cosmic. The stakes are the universe. You cannot get much bigger than that.”

And while the Russo Brothers knew all along that Infinity War would lead directly into Endgame, their desire to chase that story was so important that they wanted to tell a complete tale with the first half.

“It was important for us because the experience we wanted to have at the end of this story was the scene of emotional completion, in terms of what the narrative was in the film,” said Anthony Russo. “And hopefully, they will have that similar feeling. It is serialized storytelling. The mission was not to make one long movie and get out the scissors and cut it in half because that has never been the most fulfilling cinematic expression. So for us, that commitment was to try and put a beginning, middle, and an end to this, and a beginning, middle, and an end to that.”

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War is now streaming on Netflix.

Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films include Captain Marvel on March 8 and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5 this year.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Star Anthony Mackie Confirms That Falcon Is Dead




The star Anthony Mackie joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sam Wilson in the 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since then he quickly became a recurring face. After his debut, Mackie also made appearances in three straight MCU films, including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Captain America: Civil War. And it sounds like Avengers: Infinity War is indeed a close to the actor.

Eventually, Anthony Mackie has confirmed the fate of his character, Falcon, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Anthony Mackie was asked if the Falcon was gone. And in his response, Mackie claimed that the fate of Sam Wilson in Infinity War left him looking for new work. And that he would not be in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

“Well, obviously, if you did not see part three [Avengers: Infinity War], spoiler alert, that I died,” said Mackie. “A lot of people died. So I am gainfully unemployed. And that is why I’m doing other movies now.”

You can watch the full video below.

Anthony Mackie’s character was one of many heroes and others who disappeared after Thanos snapped his finger and unleashed the power of all six Infinity Stones (a.k.a. The Decimation). That moment has become a pop cultural touchstone since Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters last year. Or just look at how The Simpsons borrowed it for one of their famous couch gags.

Regardless, we will find out who still has a future in the franchise when Avengers: Endgame comes to theaters on April 26.

In the meantime, Anthony Mackie reportedly will return to the screen for his own Disney+ streaming service alongside Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier. So we can see these Captain America’s buddies once again!

Other upcoming MCU movies include Captain Marvel on March 8th, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.

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All the Marvel, DC, Disney, and Star Wars Films Releasing in 2019




The last 2018 was a huge year for movies, especially when it comes to franchises and studios that comic fans adore. Disney, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Marvel Studios, and Warner Bros. all put out big films in the last year. But it appears that 2019 will become even bigger. In the meantime, we have got all the films you need to mark your calendars for in this one handy place.

Before we get to 2019 though, the studios all put some great movies just in December alone, which was packed with geeky goodness. If you are a superhero movie fan, you got Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. As for fans of Disney, then you got Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins Returns. And if you are a Transformers fan, Bumblebee was right up your alley, making it quite a month for fans.

In speaking of recent Aquaman, Warner Bros. only put out one DC film this year, but boy did they make it count. The blockbuster Aquaman has already sailed past the $1 billion marks worldwide and is already to the top-grossing DC movie ever. However, that is not a shabby way to end the year. And in 2019, DC is upping the ante with two films on the slate.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios had the incredibly successful Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year. The film surpassed the $2 billion mark and expectedly stays the same for the even more anticipated Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Actually, Marvel Studios has two movies coming out during the first half of the year, while Sony is following up the massive success of Venom with a new Spider-Man movie.

As for the House of Mouse, it looks as if they’re going to dominate in 2019 just like they did in 2018, with three live-action remakes on the horizon as well as other anticipated projects, both in animation and live-action. So yeah, Disney is probably going to crush it, especially when you consider that whole Star Wars Episode IX is coming at the end of this year.

And 20th Century Fox will soon come home to Disney. However, before they’re completely moved over, Fox still has a few movies up their sleeves.

Now, scroll down 16 headlines to see all the Disney, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars films hitting in 2019!


Title: Captain Marvel
Studio: Marvel Studios
Release Date: March 8

First of all, the anticipated Captain Marvel will officially bring Carol Danvers into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the star Brie Larson leading the charge, we could not be more excited to see what Marvel Studios has up their sleeves and how the movie will affect the next decade of Marvel films.

Sypnosis: “The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the most powerful heroes of the universe while Earth is caught in the middle of one galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is the all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the Marvel Cinematic Universe history.”


(Photo: Walt Disney Studios)

Title: Dumbo
Studio: Disney
Release Date: March 29

Following the successful line of live-action films from Disney is Dumbo. The movie has Tim Burton putting his stylized touch on the beloved animated classic. If it is anything like the last several remakes of Disney, it should do quite well at the box office.

Synopsis: “From Disney with visionary director Tim Burton, an all-new grand live-action adventure as Dumbo expands on the beloved classic stories where differences are celebrated, the family is cherished, and dreams take flight. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlisted the former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) alongside his children – Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) – to take care of a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him become laughingstock already in a struggling circus. However, when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attacking persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits a peculiar pachyderm for his newest and larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Then Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist, Collette Marchant (Eva Green), until Holt Farrier learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of the dark secrets.”


Title: Shazam!
Studios: Warner Bros.
Release Date: April 5

Next in Warner Bros. is the first DC title of the year in the Zachary Levi led Shazam!. It will be the first time of the character on the big screen. And the early reactions to its debut trailer are quite positive. That really looks to ratchet up the fun and humor. And Warner Bros. is obviously hoping to keep up the momentum from the billion-grossing Aquaman.

Sypnosis: “We all have a superhero inside us, and it takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In the Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one-word ‘SHAZAM!’, this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Superhero Shazam (Zachary Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. Still a kid at heart – inside a ripped, godlike body – Shazam revels in his adult version by doing what any teen would do with their superpowers: have fun with them! So can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Or can he shoot lightning out of his hands? Can he skip the social studies tests? Shazam sets out to test the limit of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he will need to master these powers quickly to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeis Sivana (Strong).”


(Photo: Walt Disney Studios)

Title: Penguins
Studio: Disney
Release Date: April 17

Following the events of 2019, Disneynature returns for the up-close look at Steve the Penguin and his other penguin pals in a gorgeous documentary about finding their love and fatherhood in the Antartic. The film expectedly brings us plenty of heart-tugging moments as a result.

Synopsis: “Disneynature’s all-new feature movie Penguins is a coming-of-age story about an Adelie penguin named Steve. He joins millions of fellow males in the icy Antartic spring on a quest to build a suitable nest, and find a life partner to start a family. None of that comes easily for him, especially considering he is targeted by everything from the killer whales to leopard seals, that unapologetically threaten his happily ever after. From the filmmaking team behind ‘Bears’ and ‘Chimpanzee,’ Disneynature’s ‘Penguins’ opens in theaters nationwide in time for the Earth Day 2019.”


Title: Avengers: Endgame
Studio: Marvel Studios
Release Date: April 26

In the meantime, there are few movies in 2019 more anticipated than Avengers: Endgame, which will deliver the conclusion to the first ten years of Marvel movie stories as well as deal with the direct fallout and effects of the Infinity War ending. Marvel fans have still been on pins and needles waiting to figure out if the superheroes can overcome Thanos’ decimation. And thankfully, the wait for it is not that much longer.


(Photo: Disney Movies)

Title: Aladdin
Studio: Disney
Release Date: May 24

Next up in the Disney’s live-action success in their remake of Aladdin, helmed by Guy Ritchie. Still, there is not a lot known about the film, though from its first trailer and photos, fans get an idea of how the cast will look in the fully realized version of Agrabah. Now we just wait to see if Will Smith’s Genie looks like blue, so we will have a much better idea of how this is shaping up.

Sypnosis: “Aladdin is an exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous, self-determined Princess Jasmine alongside the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, bringing his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port of the city of Agrabah. The movie is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s Aladdin.”


Title: Dark Phoenix
Studio: 2oth Century Fox
Release Date: June 7

Once more, the Dark Phoenix saga is in the spotlight when Fox takes a second crack at the iconic story, and this time with the more recent cast. Hopes are high, but there’s still some trepidation around the project, which could eventually become one of the last X-Men movies that Fox ends up ever making thanks to the new merger with Disney.

Synopsis: “In the Dark Phoenix, the X-Men will face their most formidable and powerful foe: one of their own, Jean Grey. Throughout a rescue mission in space, Jean is nearly killed as she’s hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she can return home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful but also far more unstable. Wrestling with the entity inside her, Jean unleashes her powers in the ways she can neither comprehend nor contain. With Jean spiraling out of control and even hurting the ones who she loves most, Jean begins to unravel the very fabric which holds the X-Men together. Now, with the family falling apart, they must find a way to unite – not only to save the soul of Jean but to save our very planet from aliens who wish to weaponize the force and even rule the galaxy.”


(Photo: Disney)

Title: Toy Story
Studio: Disney
Release Date: June 21

Now, the next chapter in the ultra-successful Toy Story franchise is almost upon us. And Disney fans will meet a new addition to this toy box in Forky. As we might expect from Pixar, there is substance underneath the adorable and hilarious adventures of the cast. And that it all starts with a spork.

Synopsis: “Woody has always been confident about his place in the world. And his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that is Andy or Bonnie. However, when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called Forky to her room, a rod trip adventure alongside her old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (Riley’s First Date), produced by Jonas Rivera (Inside Out, Up), as well as Mark Nielsen (associate producer Inside Out), and Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 4 ventures to US theaters on June 21st, 2019.”


Title: Spider-Man: Far From Home
Studio: Sony
Release Date: July 5

The next adventure of Spider-Man is finally here. And he will also be getting plenty of new costumes as a result. Meanwhile, the biggest addition is the mysterious Mysterio, as he appears to be an ally in the movie, but we all know it better, and so does Nick Fury.

Synopsis: “Peter Parker returns in the Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Homecoming series. Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join Peter’s best friends MJ, Ned, and the rest of his gang on their European vacation. However, his plan to leave super heroics behind for few weeks is quickly scrapped as Peter begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!”


Title: The Lion King
Studio: Disney
Release Date: July 19

Furthermore, one of the most anticipated live-action remakes will happen mid-way through this year is The Lion King, which will see Jon Favreau back at the helm after his hugely successful remake of The Jungle Book. And fans seem to be ridiculously excited now.

Synopsis: “From Disney Live-Action, director Jon Favreau’s brand new The Lion King journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome the betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.”


Title: The New Mutants
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: August 2

Certainly, The New Mutants is a different type of X-Men franchise, coming for more of a horror feel than other adaptations, yet it still looks to include some fan-favorite characters, and plenty of material pulled from the comics. So we’ll wait to see if the gamble delivers.

Synopsis: “The story of the New Mutants, the team of mutant heroes comprised of the first graduates from Charles Xavier’s school.”


Title: Disney’s Artemis Fowl
Studio: Disney
Release Date: August 9

This year, Disney would love to have another hit movie on its hands with Artemis Fowl, which puts a young genius descending from criminal masterminds in the spotlight. Throw in an army of fairies alongside a compelling mystery; you have got yourself a potent concoction. And Disney is hoping it can turn some heads.

Synopsis: “Directed by Kenneth Branagh, based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl follows 12-year-old- genius Artemis Fowl – a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, when he finds himself in the battle of strength and cunning against the powerful and hidden race of fairies who may stand behind the disappearance of his father.

The film stars Ferdia Shaw alongside Lara McDonnell, Nonso Anozie, Tamara Smart, with Judi Dench, and Josh Gad. Judy Hofflund alongside Kenneth Branagh are producing with Angus More Gordon and Matthew Jenkins serving as the executive producers. The screenplay is by Conor McPherson.”


(Photo: New Line)

Title: The Kitchen
Studio: New Line Cinema
Release Date: September 20

This Vertigo adaptation will feature a stacked leading cast and an intriguing premise. And it could be a sleeper hit if the movie strikes the right notes.

Synopsis: “Based on the Vertigo comic book series from DC Entertainment, the film stars the Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss, and Tiffany Haddish as three 1987 Hell’s Kitchen housewives whose mobster husbands are sent to prison by the FBI. Left with little but a sharp axe to grind, these ladies take the Irish mafia’s matters into their own hands – proving unexpectedly adept at everything from running the rackets to taking out the competition… literally.”


Title: Joker
Studio: Warner Bros.
Release Date: October 4

Still, there is not much to go on when it comes to the anticipated Joker film that puts Joaquin Phoenix in his role as the clown prince of crime. But we all know it is an origin story. And it has been teased as something, unlike any other superhero movie. With the talent involved, we are inclined to believe them.

15. FROZEN 2

(Photo: Disney)

Title: Frozen 2
Studio: Disney
Release Date: November 22

While fans have been waiting for a long time to get a Frozen sequel, this year is finally the year it does happen. Still, no official description or synopsis has been revealed. But we got some new details courtesy of a calendar released internationally. The film will see Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf heading deep into the forest to learn an ancient truth in terms of the kingdom.


Title: Star Wars: Episode IX
Studio: Disney/Lucasfilm
Release Date: December 20

Still, there is no official announcement has been released for this film. But it’ll close out the current trilogy started by J.J. Abrams in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So, it is fitting that he’s back at the helm after The Last Jedi of Rian Johnson, bringing this new era to an epic finale and also setting things up for the Johnson-directed trilogy that comes after.

For the further news, stay tuned with us!

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“Young Avengers” Film Reportedly In Development by Marvel Studios




It is no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to look vastly different in a post-Avengers: Endgame world. If the following rumor proves to be accurate, it means the MCU will introduce a whole new generation of characters.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios is reportedly in the works for a script of Young Avengers, a movie that features a plethora of teenage and young adult characters. The rumor also states that the team will be made of Kate Bishop’s version of Hawkeye, Hulkling, Patriot, Iron Lad, Stature, and Vision – a version some from Paul Bettany’s.

Should the Young Avengers team line-up to be accurate, there is a lot to unpack.

First of all, Stature is a character that has previously been speculated to appear in Avengers: Endgame. With the Avengers presumably traveling through time or experiencing interdimensional travel, Marvel fans think Emma Fuhrman will be playing the older version of Cassie Lang, the daughter of Ant-Man, perhaps now going by her superhero mantle of Stature.

Second, the inclusion of Kate Bishop could contradict earlier reports of a potential Hawkeye streaming show on Disney+. If Bishop were to make an appearance in the Hawkeye show, she seemingly would premiere on the silver screen before going to a streaming show. And that could complicate Bishop’s part in Young Avengers.

The Vision part seems to corroborate the rumored plot of the Vision and Scarlet Witch show that would surface earlier in the week, hinting that it would borrow from Tom King and Gabriel Walta’s fan-favorite comic maxi-series.

Though much of the future Avengers: Endgame is still unknown, while Spider-Man: Far From Home is the only Phase 4 film unveiled as of yet, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige previously told Comicbook that the studio would love to produce another 20 years of movies.

“All of the things you have seen throughout Phase 1 and 2 and now through much of Phase 3. The new characters always are important going forward in driving, shaping the future of the MCU,” said Kevin Feige. “I think it’d be amazing, another ten years, another 20 films or so. We only focus on one step at the time. But that is all about continuing to surprise with the stories, go unexpected places, continue to play with new, fresh, and unexpected genres. Then it introduces characters that people might have heard of or a beloved big fan base like Captain Marvel or Guardians where before we made that, people had never even heard of.”

So, will a Young Avengers flick something be on your want list? Share with us in the comments below!

Other upcoming MCU movies include Captain Marvel on March 8, Avengers: Endgame on April 26, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5.

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Robert Downey Jr. Jokes Chris Evans as His Prince Charming with the Disney Meme




It has been years since Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have properly shared the screen in Marvel film. But now, a new meme reunites the fan-favorite pair in a pretty amusing way.

Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr. shared a meme of photos of himself and his buddy Chris Evans. In the picture, their outfits happen to match up with the costumes for Disney’s Snow White and Prince Charming. After the meme garnered a lot of attention from Marvel fans, Chris Evans took a response rather pretty hilariously, joking that he turned the series of photos into his new screensaver and headshot.

The characters of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Captain America) famously faced off in the Civil War, ultimately leading them still not interacting in Avengers: Infinity War. While it is unclear what is happening for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, obviously a reunion between the two would have some interesting ramifications.

“What is interesting about these characters is that they are all heroes,” co-director Joe Russo explained in the film’s commentary track. “And that, irrespective of the events of [Captain America:] Civil War and the fact that they caused physical damage to Rhodey [War Machine] when aliens show up with the intent to destroy the Earth, he doesn’t hesitate, as a superhero, to invite in other superheroes who can help him defend the planet. And I think it’ll be a much different situation if Tony [Stark] were here. If Tony and Steve [Rogers] had to see each other for the first time, it would be much more complicated.”

“Tony is too intelligent and has too big of an ego to be a stooge to the government,” noted Russo. “He’ll take whatever by-product came out of Civil War then use it to his own advantage, keeping the Avengers alive in a way that he feels like is less the compromise, the better for him. So, I think he’s not been actively pursuing bringing Steve, Natasha, Sam, and Wanda to justice. In fact, he has been turning the other way.”

In the meantime, other Marvel Cinematic Universe films will be hitting theaters.

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100 Days Teaser of Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” Released




While all of the spotlights remain centered on Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just quietly celebrating a milestone. As of January 15, 2019, Avengers: Endgame is 100 days away.

Just a few hours after the Spidey trailer arrived online, Marvel Studios posted to Twitter, reminding everyone how close Endgame really is. All of the various Marvel studios, as well as Avengers accounts, shared a brief teaser video. It contains no new footage, but doing just enough to get fans even more excited than they already were.

“100 days,” the tweet reads. “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame is in theaters on April 26.”

During the course of these 100 days, we should expect to see a lot more of this type of marketing from Marvel. As to not spoil any super-secret plot points of the film, the studio will be revealing a very small amount of footage in their trailers, teasers, or ads. Speaking to MTV News earlier this month, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that sneak peeks in the trailers wouldn’t come outside the first 10 – 15 minutes of the movie.

“I would call it somewhat accurate,” said Feige. “As was the case with lots of our movies, this one in particular. Being able to generate lots of excitement without giving away one of the many secrets. I think the marketing team of Disney is the best in the world. And we will be able to pull it off.”

The main reason that the hype for Avengers: Endgame is so high is that it will be giving Marvel fans the resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of Infinity War, which saw half of the civilization wiped from existence.

“The ending, which we had been working on for many years. I do remember people, in all of the movies we have made. And I am sure on many of the movies we will make in the future. Whenever the good guy wins, that is often – good guy, good woman, good superhero wins – they go, ‘Eh, it is kind of predictable. Good guy wins,’” Feige noted. “Well, sometimes that is fun. But for years I remember thinking, ‘I wonder what they are going to do when they do not?’ because we all knew that was coming. And it could not have been better. The reaction was the best. The reaction. Was. The. Best.”

So, are you excited for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame?

The blockbuster is set to hit theaters on April 26.

Stay tuned!

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Stan Lee’s Final Animated Cameo Airs On Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest




It is no secret that Stan Lee had a penchant for his cameos in both live-action and animated properties. This weekend, the great late publisher of Marvel Comics will have his final appearance in animation air in an episode of Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest.

On the official Marvel site earlier today, Stan Lee’s cameo will air during an episode titled “T’Chanda,” featuring Black Panther (James C. Mathis III) as he uncovers secrets about his grandfather. Set in the 1940s, the voice behind Army General is Stan Lee. After Captain America and Agent Carter apprehend Arnim Zola, his character gives a speech on hatred and intolerance.

“Hate does not make you strong,” says the character of Stan Lee. “Hate makes you weak.”

You can view his entire Black Panther’s Quest cameo in the clip below.

Recently, it was revealed that Stan Lee did appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse beyond his vocal cameo. Thanks to the movie’s animators, Lee made multiple non-verbal cameos in the film. As we now realize, his animated cameo in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was not his last.

According to one executive of Marvel Animation, the message Stan Lee’s character sends in his last animated cameo is particularly poignant.

“This particular episode [of “Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest”] has personal meaning for me,” said Cort Lane, Marvel Animation SVP. “I believe it is his last recorded appearance in animation. It is bittersweet. But I am so glad we were able to capture a message that was very true how Stan Lee felt about the world. And that inspired him to write lots of the stories as he did.”

Cort Lane continued, revealing that when Stan Lee was in the studio to record his Black Panther’s Quest cameo, Star Wars star Mark Hamill was also in there recording a part for the show. Suffice to say, both voice actors were in awe of each other.

“Stan Lee created a real bond with his audience in the bullpen,” Mark Hamill mentioned. “He had the snarky humor. He’d give out ‘No-Prizes,’ because people were always pointing out boo-boos and mistakes. He had a personality that came across over the page. He was sort of the avuncular uncle you wish you had. On television, it’s Walt Disney. And in comic books, it’s Stan The Man.”

Although this Black Panther’s Quest appears to be the late creator’s last cameo in animation properties, Stan Lee is still expected to have his cameos in both upcoming Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. As for now, it remains unknown whether or not he took part in cameos for X-Men: Dark Phoenix or The New Mutants for Fox.

Stan Lee may be gone. But his voice and the words he spoke will never be lost.

It goes without saying that Stan Lee was a marvel. He passed away back in November of last year. So, that means the time for seeing new cameos from the comic book genius would soon start disappearing. Fortunately, they have been captured for perpetuity. While tributes and homages for one of Marvel’s brightest stars will likely continue, Stan Lee has still not been far from our hearts.

For those still wanting to tune in live, Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest will air this weekend, Sunday, January 13 at 9:00 pm ET on Disney XD.

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Tom Hiddleston Reveals Loki Is Redeemed in “Avengers: Infinity War”




In a shared universe such as Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, it allows characters time to develop movie after movie throughout years. And in the case of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the character’s story arc took upwards of five movies spanning a decade to come full circle until Loki earned his redemption eventually.

Of course, that’s according to Tom Hiddleston himself. During a recent interview at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, Arizona, Hiddleston spoke about Loki’s motivation in the MCU. The star finally revealed he thought the character was eventually redeemed.

“It goes back to the first film,” Tom Hiddleston mentioned in response to a fan question. “He [Loki] finds out too late that he was adopted and that his real father was his father’s mortal sworn enemy. And that’s incredibly and emotionally destabilizing.”

Tom Hiddleston also makes sure to mention that Loki is the most certainly a broken character and he feels the masses can at least see where the God of Mischief is coming from when he does the thing he does.

“It’s a great scene to play. I think people always understand that Loki is a troubled soul and he’s evacuating his pain onto other people,” Hiddleston continued. “But they understand where his pain is coming from. So there was empathy.”

“I think the first film really humanizes him. And it makes the rest of the journey interesting,” the star behind Loki revealed. “It makes you always think that he could be pulled back and redeemed. And in my opinion, he’s redeemed in Infinity War.”

All in all, Tom Hiddleston has appeared as the Asgardian trickster in a total of five MCU films – all three Thor movies, The Avengers, and Avengers: Infinity War. The actor is set to reprise his role in a limited series for brand new Disney+ streaming service.

Coincidentally enough, Hiddleston also dished on the new Loki show a little bit in the same panel. Especially given the fact that Loki just died in Avengers: Infinity War.

“I think I posted something about that. It is very interesting. I can’t say much about it. I’m afraid. Time will tell.”

The last phrase might be letting on more than it seems, especially given the latest rumors. A report from The Hashtag Show says that the series will shift the focus away from Tom Hiddleston’s version of the character, and take a page out of the popular Journey Into Mystery as well as Young Avengers comic books and also put the focus on Kid Loki.

While the Disney Chairman, Bob Igler, confirmed Tom Hiddleston’s involvement, the actor refused to spill any major details, as the types of the Marvel Studios veterans and their ability to keep secrets.

Following the announcement of the Loki’s TV series, Tom Hiddleston wrote to Twitter, which read, “Loki. More stories to tell. More mischief to make. More to come.”

And in spite of his secrecy, the star recognizes how fans are eager to pick apart the details of his character’s appearances in their hopes of uncovering some clues.

“Listen, I have heard some amazing theories about this,” Tom Hiddleston explained at a convention appearance. “When I was in a park in London a couple of weeks ago, some guys came and said hi. They asked me the same question. They said, ‘Hey, listen, we need an answer to this question. All the other times Loki has died.’ – There has been a few – ‘he stabs with his right hand. And now he is stabbing with his left hand.’ I was like, ‘That is incredible attention to detail.’”

Regardless of Tom Hiddleston’s role in the series moving forward, it seems that Marvel Studios has big plans for Disney+ in the future.

While appearing on Variety’s Playback Podcast, producer Kevin Feige spoke about this project.

“Disney+ is, yes,’ Feige said. “It is another exciting avenue and another exciting thing about being at this place at this time. It goes back to the number of characters we have and the number of stories we could tell. When we announced ten movies and people asked ‘Well what about these other things?’ The previous stance would be ‘We only have a certain number of slots to make films per year.’ That is still true, but we have another outlet that I think it’ll be very unique and special.”

In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War is now streaming on Netflix. Other MCU movies on the release slate for Marvel Studios include Captain Marvel on March 8th, Avengers: Endgame on April 26th, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.

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Marvel Supervillain Thanos Dusts “The Simpsons” Family




D’oh! It seems that it’s not a good time to be a resident of Springfield, especially if you are a member of the Simpson family.

For the release of a new episode “The Girl on the Bus” tonight, a quick clip of Marvel Cinematic Universe villain Thanos dusting the Simpson family was tagged to the beginning of the episode.

After assembling five of the six stones successfully, Thanos uses Maggie’s pacifier to complete his Infinity Gauntlet, which in turn he used to dust away four of the five Simpsons. Both Marge and Homer are dusted away, alongside the two oldest kids, Lisa and Bart.

And once the rest of her family is turned into dust, Maggie crawls up onto the couch. And she plops a squat right next to the Mad Titan.

You can view the MCU & The Simpsons crossover below.

Certainly, it’s not the first time the longest-running sitcom in America has used Marvel characters in the show. But it could be one of the most understood pop cultures in reference to connecting The Simpsons with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Simpsons is currently airing the record-breaking 20th season on Fox. And the show is also fully expected to be renewed once the current season wraps up.

Although Thanos has appeared in MCU cameos prior, Avengers: Infinity War was, by and large, a film featuring the Mad Titan himself.

The character also expectedly will have an even bigger role in upcoming Avengers: Endgame. According to the directors behind the movies, Joe and Anthony Russo, Thanos will be a different character now that he has completed his goal.

“Those are characters and a story moving forward where Infinity War happened,” said Anthony Russo. “The entire universe experienced the same fate, and has been brought together by this experience.”

“He has succeeded in the thing he has set out to do,” Joe Russo echoed about Thanos’ current state in the MCU. “Thanos’s done. He did it. And he retired.”

In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War is streaming on Netflix. Marvel Studios has three upcoming films on their release schedule this year, including Captain Marvel on March 8, Avengers: Endgame on April 26, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5.

Stay tuned!

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“Avengers: Endgame” Theory: What if Doctor Strange Was Wrong About the Future?




Still, it is one of the most quotable and “memeable” moments from Avengers: Infinity War. Benedict Cumberbatch played as Doctor Strange. Alongside the Avengers, he used the Time Stone to go ahead in time and view 14,000,605 future scenarios in the battle with Thanos. And when Strange “comes back,” and informs the group he’s with on Titan. From there, they win, in only one of the future scenarios he has viewed. We are not Vegas bookies by any means, but something tells us that a 1 out of 14 million chance of winning does not return that great of odds.

But what if he is wrong, somehow?

Yes, just if – what if – there happens to be more than one winning chance? After all, there could have been, indeed, several winning futures, except it would clarify a grim fate for the Master of the Mystic Arts.

We were theorizing that yes, there’re more winning futures. But unfortunately, Doctor Strange is unable to see them because somewhere, somehow, he dies.

Let’s think back to Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange (2016).

The final scene between Strange alongside the Ancient One’s Tilda Swinton at the hospital is one of the biggest pieces of supporting evidence. When the Ancient One’s astral projection leaves her body, Strange follows suit and chases his mentor to a balcony.

There, the Ancient One reveals about her access to the Dark Dimension and the Time Stone. She’s able to go forward in time; however, for any reason, she was never able to look past the moment in time they are currently experiencing. The Ancient One realizes that she has never been able to look past the moment because that is when her life ends, which seemingly makes the character more at peace with her own death.

With the same logic, it is entirely possible more winning futures exist for the Avengers as well as the Guardians. The thing is, Doctor Strange was just unable to see them as he died before the good guys won.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame stars Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man, Chris Evan/Captain America, Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow, Josh Brolin/Thanos, Chris Hemsworth/Thor, Brie Larson/Captain Marvel, Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye, Danai Gurira/Okoye, Mark Ruffalo/Hulk, Karen Gillan/Nebula, Paul Rudd/Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly/The Wasp, Don Cheadle/War Machine, and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon.

So, do you think we are onto something with this theory? Sound off in the comments below!

Avengers: Endgame comes in theaters on April 26. Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films include Captain Marvel on March 8, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July this year.

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“Avengers: Endgame” Supercut Mashes Up Key MCU Moments With Linkin Park’s “In The End”




With just over four months left until Avengers: Endgame officially hits theaters, fan videos using the soon-to-be blockbuster’s trailer footage have been surfacing online. In one particular fan edit, one scene of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best clips provides an action-packed viewing experience.

Set to a hit cover of Linkin Park’s “In The End,” the three-minute video mashes up some of the Avengers’ most critical moments. It gives Marvel fans a touching moment as we are getting closer to Endgame. Originally shared by EMM on YouTube. The video is sure to include not only the footage from the first release trailer of Avengers: Endgame, but both the Brie Larson-starring Captain Marvel trailers as well.

You can watch the supercut below.

In the classic Marvel Studios fashion, virtually nothing has been revealed about the plot of Avengers: Endgame.

The most recent synopsis – included in The Road to Avengers 4 artbook – simply calls the film a culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The fourth installment of Avengers saga will be the culmination of 22 interconnected films. It will let audiences witness the turning point of this epic journey. The collectible volume features art from films leading up to this thrilling event. Including additional behind-the-scenes arts, reviews, and photography from Avengers: Infinity War.”

While the Avengers surviving Infinity War were left bruised and broken, they are set to receive the help of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. As she started filming her role in Avengers: Endgame before her solo Captain Marvel flick, Brie Larson was able to learn about other MCU stars in regards to their experiences becoming the face of a franchise.

“I just got to be like a junior superhero and ask them questions like, ‘Hi, I am a new kid! So now, what kind of protein bars do you eat? And how do you train? Is your costume comfortable?’” she told USA Today. “I’m just able to learn so much. And everyone was really kind and also helpful. So I gotta learn the ropes a little bit. Before I was thrown into this thing where I would be by myself.”

So, do you like the EMM’s “In The End” mash-up? Let us know in the comments!

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Josh Brolin (Thanos), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Danai Guirira (Okoye), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Evangeline Lilly (The Wasp), , Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccoon).

Avengers: Endgame hit theaters on April 26th, 2019.

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Marvel Fans Imagines Nova’s Debut in a Poster




If Marvel fans have their way, Nova will play some sort of role in the future of the MCU. And we still have no idea of what that could look like.

Recently over Reddit, a user spideyvegas shared their take on a Nova teaser poster, which utilizes unused Guardians of the Galaxy concept art previously shared by Marvel Studios artist Charlie Wen.

You can see the fan art below.

Nova – My Poster Design from marvelstudios

The poster has been receiving a generally positive response, which some even pointing out that it also sort of channels Darkhhawk – another Marvel Comics character that fans have been curious to see on the big screen eventually.

At the moment, it is unclear if a Nova solo film is actually in the cards for Marvel Studios’ “Phase 4”. Though, Anchorman and The Big Short director Adam McKay has previously hinted that it seems to be some sort of a possibility.

“When I was at the fourth or fifth grade, I got into Nova of all people. And I think there are kicking around a Nova idea now too,” McKay revealed during a recent podcast appearance.

However, whether or not Nova ends up getting his own standalone venture, or appears in some sort of ensemble, it sounds like he is a character Marvel Studios have had their eyes set on for quite some time.

“Nova is… that if we have a big board with a bunch of characters that have more immediate potential, Nova is on that board,” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told Comicbook. “Because of the connection to the Guardian universe, because there is more than one example to pull from in the comics that’s interesting. And you are absolutely right. That he was in the earliest drafts of the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

And if Nova actually enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’ll probably be one factor of the sort of brand new territory that the franchise will be entering after Avengers: Endgame.

“Oh, there’re some ideas [for Phase 4],” producer Nate Moore said to Comicbook. “I think without giving anything away. We are at the point now with Marvel as a company looking for what happens post-Avengers [Endgame]. There are also a lot of ideas on the table that are really exciting. Some are characters you have met before; some are wholly new characters. And now, it is just for us internal getting our ducks in a row and deciding who’s doing what and when these franchise will end up in sort of the larger timeline. So there’re things I am working on. But as a bigger question, we are just trying to figure out what happens post Phase 3.”

I think it is gonna be pretty close to the vest,” Moore added. “I cannot imagine us doing anything before Avengers [Endgame] is out in the world. We really want to complete the storytelling before we can start talking about what’s next. And again, knowing that Joe [Russo] & Anthony [Russo] have in store I think is very exciting. So hopefully, audiences can come to that, then watch the film on its own terms. And shortly after that, hopefully, we can talk about where we think we can go.”

So, what do you think about the Nova fan-made poster? Share your thoughts with us!

Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films include:

  • Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019
  • Avengers: Endgame on April 26, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5, 2019.
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