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The Flash

IT Director Andy Muschietti Confirms The Flash Movie Is His Next Project



Filmmaker Andy Muschietti scored a breakout hit with his remake of Stephen King’s IT (2017). And now he is poised to put another big box office win under his belt when IT: CHAPTER TWO hits theaters. In fact, Warner Bros. has been so happy with Andy Muschietti’s work that they have given him the director’s chair on DC’s The Flash movie!

If there was any doubt that Andy Muschietti would be taking on The Flash, now we can put it to rest. The IT director has officially confirmed that he will be tackling The Flash as his next cinematic project.

During an interview with Fandango for IT: CHAPTER TWO, Andy Muschietti was directly asked if he was indeed helming The Flash. He confirmed as much with a “Yup,” and even offered a brief tease of what appealed to him about the story of the speedster hero. Hint: don’t expect a horror-themed Flash film.

“What captivated me about The Flash is the human drama in it,” Andy Muschietti explained. “The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama [of it]. It is going to be fun, too. I can’t promise that there’ll be any horror [elements in it], really, but it is a beautiful human story.”

So that kind of tease leaves the door wide open for what kind of Flash story DC Films will be telling. Christina Hodson (Bumblebee, Birds of Prey) is handling The Flash script. However, with so few credits under her belt, it is hard to identify what kind of narrative signature she will be bringing to the table. Her Bumblebee managed to mix heart and fun spectacle, so hopefully, The Flash can do the same.

The previous DC Extended Universe version of this Flash film drew upon the famous “Flashpoint” storyline from the 2011 comics. The story sees Barry Allen use his speed for selfish ends, going back in time to prevent his mother’s murder and save his dad from a prison sentence. This act creates a new DC Universe timeline in which the superhero/supervillain characters are remixed into new roles that threaten the world balance. And in the end, Flash must sacrifice his personal wants to restore a universe that, though not perfect, is better than the dark alternative.

The issue with “Flashpoint” is that it is an event story that may feature Flash, but also has an entire Justice League’s worth of DC characters to cover. While it may be good for giving the DCEU a much-needed reboot, it would not necessarily be the kind of “beautiful human story” that Andy Muschietti describes. Then again, Christina Hodson is already knee-deep in several DC film projects, so interconnectivity may indeed be what The Flash is going for.

The release date for The Flash is not slated yet. Other upcoming DC films include Joker on October 4th; Birds of Prey (& the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7th, 2020; Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5th, 2020; The Batman on June 25th, 2021; The Suicide Squad on August 6th, 2021; and Aquaman 2 on December 16th, 2022.

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The Flash

“The Flash” Brings On “IT” Director Andy Muschietti Alongside Writer Christina Hodson




Now it looks like The Flash is making headway in Hollywood after a long period of rest. With a slew of development issues, the DC Extended Universe has made some impressive progress with the fastest superhero. Eventually, The Flash has found a new director in Andy Muschietti and screenwriter to boot thanks to Christina Hodson – THR reports.

So far, there’re few details available to the public about the turn. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Muschietti is in talks to helm a solo movie starring the Flash. Currently, the report also says the filmmaker and his wife Barbara Muschietti will co-produce the movie alongside Michael Disco.

Andy Muschietti and his wife Barbara Muschietti during IT press tour.

As for the script, Christina Hodson is seemingly being eyed to rewrite The Flash. The writer, who also penned Bumblebee as well as Birds of Prey, will redo the story. And for those who concerned, Ezra Miller is still attached to play Barry Allen.

This report is obviously a stunning one for fans but exciting nonetheless. The Flash has been stuck in deep developmental hell ever since it was first announced. After a string of director changes, the film pushed back its release date indefinitely as new reports continued going live about this solo venture.

Most recently, other reports suggested The Flash was getting a rewrite by two familiar talents. Not only was Ezra Miller said to be writing the script, but the actor was reportedly joined by iconic comic creator Grant Morrison. Now, it seems Christina Hodson will either scrap the long-reported script entirely or provide some polish to this tandem story.

Still, there’s no word on when DC Entertainment is eyeing a release for The Flash. Andy Muschietti is now busy finalizing IT: Chapter Two before the horror sequel debuts this year. The filmmaker is also attached to some big name projects like Hollywood’s live-action Attack on Titan adaptation, but DC fans are still hoping for an update on The Flash sooner rather than later.

Other upcoming DC films include Joker on October 10th this year; Birds of Prey (& the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7th, 2020; Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5th, 2020; The Batman on June 25th, 2021; The Suicide Squad on August 6, 2021; and Aquaman 2 on December 16, 2022. In the meantime, Shazam! will be streaming on home video on demand services, DVD, and Blu-ray next month.

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The Flash

“The Flash:” Ezra Miller Reportedly Could Exit Over Script Clash With Directors




The ongoing saga of The Flash standalone film now took another strange turn today with the report of Ezra Miller re-writing the script with the assistance of comics legend Grant Morrison. The story of Miller’s desire to tackle the film has come over a clash with directors John Francis Delay and Jonathan Goldstein over the tone. And that could ultimately result in the actor’s departure.

In some shocking Friday afternoon news, The Flash movie might soon be without a star. According to THR, Ezra Miller has taken it upon himself to take over scripting duties for the solo speedster flick. If the studio chooses to skip over the Morrison & Miller script in favor of one from The Flash directors, it is said that Ezra Miller could exit the role of Barry Allen.

Reports indicate the Morrison/Miller script has a much darker tone than that of the one Daley and Goldstein have on the table. It is said that Ezra Miller has an uphill battle in his quest after Warner Bros. is aiming for the light-hearted tones seen in both Aquaman – a billion-dollar blockbuster for DC – and Shazam!, the upcoming David F. Sandberg-led flick that has been a smash with critics.

For a standalone film of the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash has had a notoriously slow time making it to theaters. Ezra Miller has been attached to the role that Zack Snyder cast him for a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but ever since, the film has struggled to gain any footing at Warner Bros. It is featured a rotating cast of directors before finally setting on Goldstein and Daley now over a year ago.

Last month, Ezra Miller was approached about the film’s delay in an international press stop for the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. Then he mentioned that the crew behind the flick was being meticulous as they moved forward with the property.

“Anyone who knows anything about Barry Allen also knows that he is always late,” Miller said. “But when he arrives, he gets the stuff done. And that is definitely how this film’s production schedule is proceeding. We are a little late.”

“But the reason why we’re late,” the actor explained. “And this is honest to god truth. We are all – and I include myself in this – we very meticulously focused on making a movie which is not just one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make. The movie is going to be a gift to fans.”

According to that report, there is a reason why Warner Bros. allowed the re-write of this DC Comics movie.

And actually, it all comes down to the timing of Ezra Miller’s contract. His initial holding agreement for The Flash is set to expire in May. So we probably could be getting re-casting news very soon.

A recent rumor also suggested The Flash could go into production as soon as this November, which seems unlikely with Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison re-writing the script as well as the actor’s commitments to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. While J.K. Rowling’s third installment was delayed recently, the film is also expected to begin its production before the end of the year.

Now, we might be looking at yet another recast in the DC Comics Universe, that is now in the midst of regaining momentum after misfires from directors Zack Snyder, David Ayer, and Joss Whedon.

To his credit, Ezra Miller has explained that he’s dedicated to creating a Flash film that will make fans proud. And he wouldn’t do it unless he believed in the story.

We will wait to find out if The Flash movie is actually coming through over the next months as production rumoredly begins, as well as if Warner Bros. will go with Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison’s vision for the film – and what that means for writers/directors Daley and Goldstein.

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Ezra Miller Reveals If “The Flash” Movie Is Getting Made




The future of the DCEU has many uncertainties, including the current status of The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. The latest update was that the production wouldn’t start until late 2019. But Miller confirmed that the wait for the film’s release would be worth it.

“Nothing’s ever certain in this world, but as certain as things yet, we’re making a fucking crazy-dope Flash movie,” Ezra Miller said to Playboy. “That’s one of my great life dreams, and just the fact that we’re on the way. Anyone who knows about Barry Allen may know he may arrive late, very late. But once he gets there, it’ll be all solved. We have to trust.”

However, Warners Bros. has taken a discouraging approach to the films of the DCEU. The studio has announced numerous projects as “officially” being developed, only for those to be delayed, re-worked, or seemingly scrapped. While Marvel Studios almost always delivers a film on its announced release date, Warner Bros. seems to announce projects in hopes of drumming up support for those films and potentially determines their next steps after gauging fan interest.

Ezra Miller starred as Barry Allen in the DCEU four years ago. He has only played a role in a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cameo and as a supporting character in Justice League. The reason for the production delays is reportedly to allow Miller to film the third Fantastic Beasts.

At the first place, the film’s title was Flashpoint. But it’s unclear if the classic and titular comic book storyline from 2011 is still the focus of the movie. “What fans understand when they hear the title ‘Flashpoint’ would be almost like hearing a word like ‘crisis,’” Ezra Miller spoke to EW in July 2017. “We started to understand that our precious DC Universe would inevitably be torn asunder to an endless, headache-inducing fabric of multiversality. The DC Hyper-Extended Multiverse, as I planned to call it. Quote me!”

The upcoming The Flash movie is still on track for a spring 2019 production start. Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein remained attached.

Considering the various incarnations The Flash has gone through over the past few years – with a rotation of directors including Rick Famuyiwa & Seth Grahame-Smith – it makes sense that fans briefly worried about Daley and Goldstein potential stepping-down. But it seems that, for the time being, the Game Night and the Spider-Man: Homecoming pair will still bring the superhero back to us.

“Just the fact that the character was unique from other superheroes in that he doesn’t completely have his shit together as Superman does,” Daley explained on Reddit earlier this year. “It’s more of a ground-level superhero.

“It’s a relatable way into a superhero movie in some of the same ways that Peter Parker is for the Marvel side of things,” said Goldstein.

As for Ezra Miller, who will reprise his role as Scarlet Speedster, he has previously expressed a pretty positive comment around Daley and Goldstein being on board.

“I met Daley and Goldstein recently. They’re really, really, really cool guys. I really like their works. And I think they’re really great.”

Currently, there’s not an official release date for The Flash movie. However, stay tuned for the upcoming films in the DCEU timeline.

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